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Why Gas Prices are Low? Feels good, there is more, up to 15 cents more drop by next week.

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Gas prices in Canada hit 5-year-low — expect another 10-15 cent drop by next week

Feels good, right?

Ever wondered if B.C. did not have “Carbon Tax” we would be the cheapest province in Canada.

Now, what is Carbon Tax?

B.C. government, charges a province wide carbon tax of $40 per tonne on fossil fuels including gasoline, natural gas and diesel. this is close to 18% and you can do the math.

Would this be fair for us when traffic is so low? Think?

TMW's prediction

Pressure: (Avg.): -0.065

Trend for tomorrow: Down

Trend for next 2-3 days: Down

Recommendation for tonight: Hold off and buy gas tomorrow.

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