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Stress Test Rate to Drop?

June 3rd 2020, BOC (bank of canada) might announce to drop the stress test

Both RBC and BMO cut a number of their posted mortgage rates this week, which should cause the mortgage stress test to fall from 5.04% to 4.99%

“It’ll mark the first time since January 2018 (when OSFI’s stress test began) that this benchmark rate has been under 5%,” the site noted. “And, if one more bank matches BMO’s and RBC’s 4.94%, it could drop another 5 basis points.”

Granted, the rate change will be negligible for most buyers trying to qualify for a mortgage. RateSpy calculated that a mortgage stress test of 4.99% would allow a household earning $100,000, with 5% down and no other debt obligations, to qualify for a mortgage about $2,000 more compared to today.

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