For Self Employed and Owners

· Purchases and refinances on owner-occupied and rental properties with a max 30-year amortization

· Max 60%TDS (we do not look at GDS)

· Bruised credit: No minimum beacon score

· No maximum mortgage amount

· BFS: Stated income via minimum 6 months business bank statements (No NOAs or T1 generals required, we do not ask for tax documentation). Cash component, business financials (negative retained earnings).

· Purchases and refinances in company name/Hold co. etc.

· Can consider active consumer proposals and bankruptcies, double bankruptcies discharged within 1 business day

· Can payout CRA, property tax arrears, liens, collections/judgments and consumer proposals

· Blanket Mortgages (one mortgage over two (or more) houses

· 20% prepayment on the anniversary date

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